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First-Pass Editing • Copy Editing • Content Development • Finish Editing • Ghostwriting • Publishing Preparation

Dubbed as the “Eagle Eye” by my clients, I’m an accomplished literary editor, ghostwriter, and manuscript developer, offering a variety of services pertaining to the writing, editorial, and publishing process.

I began doing freelance editorial work in 2010, and have helped many new authors traverse the sometimes challenging, but oh-so-rewarding terrain known as “the editorial process.” I’m passionate about other people’s stories; I love getting inside the mind and heart of an author so I can help make their manuscript the best it can be!

If you’re interested in finding out more about the editorial process, I’m happy to offer a free phone consultation. And be sure to check out my Eight Common Editing Questions (a helpful Q&A guideline) in this printable PDF format. My fee schedule is below, and my first-pass manuscript edits include the following:

  • industry-standard formatting
  • a full copy edit
  • a full content/developmental edit
  • basic fact-checking
  • creating a complete Table of Contents
  • implementing a startup Copyright page
  • implementing the appropriate areas for a Display Quote, Dedication, sample Disclaimer (if needed), Acknowledgments section, as well as an About The Author section
  • initial advisement as to whether a Bibliography, Endnotes, or Permissions section is needed at the back of the book
  • initial advisement and support with the back-cover copy
  • a multi-page Comment Sheet containing any additional information regarding the edit

Fee (20,000 words or more):
My first-pass edits for projects 20,000 words or more start at .04 cents per word. Per-word fees may vary and are negotiable depending upon the author and project (tax included).

Fee (less than 20,000 words):
For miscellaneous projects less than 20,000 words, I charge $55 per hour (tax included).

*My résumé is available upon request.


“Consuelo Collier is the Jedi Knight of editors with a mystic’s soul. I certainly recommend her and would definitely use her again.”

Kelly Sullivan Walden
Bestselling Author, TV Personality
Los Angeles, California

“Consuelo is a pleasure to work with. She is excellent at editing and formatting and her communication skills are exemplary. I will be working with her again and I look forward to it.”

Shonagh Home
Author, Shamanic Therapist
Redmond, Washington

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Consuelo during the first-pass edit of my book. I was able to understand her process because she clearly outlined the steps to me. I was always welcomed to contact her with any questions or concerns (and of course, I had them!). I was nervous about the entire editorial process, but Consuelo eased me through it. Consuelo is confident in her editing abilities, and it shows in her work. I even learned a few things from her. I would most definitely work with her again!”

D.J. Burr, LMHC, NCC
Chief Executive Officer, ABLE Counseling Services
Seattle, Washington

“I just did the first pass-through on my new, clean manuscript, and I enjoyed it immensely! You made my voice so much clearer, and a lot funnier as well. Your attention to detail is phenomenal, and your professional touch invaluable. What can I say? Because a mere “thank you” is not enough. At any rate, thank you for editing my manuscript and, more importantly, teaching me how to become a better writer. You have made this journey of writing my first book so much richer and more fulfilling.”

Susu Vieira
Author, Interior Designer
Denver, Colorado

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