Transpersonal Counseling, Consulting, and Support


Photograph by Consuelo Collier

I’ve always had a gift for helping people—a knack for getting inside of someone else’s pain and helping them to pull it up by the roots. My father was a well-respected behavioral psychologist in the Great Plains states where I grew up. He achieved groundbreaking research in the field of biofeedback, where he taught his patients how to calmly manipulate their emotional and cognitive patterns through the monitoring of their bodily functions. But even with all of his education and knowledge, my father had difficulty applying the wisdom of his research into his own life. First and foremost, my dad had an alcohol addiction that he never fully transcended—and with five marriages under his belt at the time of his passing, my dad had struggled relationally for much of his life as well.

And so with this introspection into my father’s life, accompanied by my own desire to support others, I eventually realized I would have to learn how to heal myself before I could help anybody else. And as a young woman who hit rock-bottom at the turn of the new millennium, I set out to do just that!

These days, I’ve built my counseling philosophies based on my own triumphs, tribulations, experiences, and karmic life lessons. For example, my holistic healing and non-GMO consulting is based on my know-how from a decade-long journey in transcending Crohn’s disease. And the fact that I had to overcome my own addictive-codependent background allows me to better support others in their quest for balanced, sober, and interdependent living. And I often put a focus on past lives, because in unraveling my own, I finally understood why I incarnated with the adversity I’ve had to overcome in this life. So by garnering knowledge and learning how to apply the wisdom of that knowledge within my own life, I’m better able to get down into the trenches of my clients’ real-life experiences.

I want prospective clients to know that, in entering a support program with me, their vulnerability will not be one-sided. Opening up about your personal, private life with a total stranger is not an easy thing to do . . . I understand because I’ve been there. This is why my clients’ courage and vulnerability is often reciprocated by me, and it’s certainly never taken for granted. I offer transpersonal counseling, consulting, and support in the following areas:

  • addiction and codependency; sobriety support
  • cognitive re-patterning; behavior modification; emotional awareness
  • conscious parenting and stepparenting
  • natural and holistic healing; conscious nutrition; non-GMO consulting
  • living in accordance with Natural Law, specifically the law of cause-and-effect (or “karma”)
  • technology consciousness
  • meditation instruction
  • past-life regression
  • dream interpretation
  • spiritual housecleaning (release work)
  • the path to “knowing thyself” and why the journey inward is such a vital one

$100 for 60 minutes, or $150 for 90 minutes (tax included)

adminTranspersonal Counseling, Consulting, and Support