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Photograph by Consuelo Collier

There are so many wonderful books and films that have guided me along my path. Over the years I’ve accumulated a library now consisting of numerous titles. In order to share many of these publications with you, I’ve gone through my entire collection, listing only those titles which most inspired me along my own journey (and some of the movies just made me laugh!). Many of these titles dropped into my lap as miraculous gifts, forever changing the way I view myself, this Universe, and the all-important path to healing. (For all of my book and movie recommendations, please choose from the drop-down menu associated with this page, or you can view my “Featured Title of the Month” below.)

Featured Title of the Month

I’m happy to unveil my new Featured Title of the Month, the documentary I Know What I Saw, created by James Fox. With a dramatic increase in sightings over recent years, along with so many countries now releasing previously suppressed, governmental UFO files, the UFO phenomenon can no longer be ignored. In addition to this, I had my own experience in witnessing a UFO several years ago, and find myself continually drawn in and inspired by this fascinating subject. I believe that the “otherworldly intelligence” making itself known to us is highly evolved, peaceful, and loving—I believe they are here to help us heal our planet. So I hope you’ll climb aboard the UFO train by joining millions across the globe who, like myself, believe!


You can watch the movie for free on YouTube, and be sure to check out the trailer below. Enjoy!

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