Photograph by Jeanne A. Collier

My name is Consuelo Collier, and I’m a transpersonal counselor, literary editor, writer, and student of life.

Spirituality: I’ve studied a myriad of traditions along my path including Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, traditional Christianity, and Gnosticism (or “gnosis,” which simply means “knowledge”). I’m also a student of A Course in Miracles — and although I don’t agree with it all, I don’t know where I’d be without it. I’m really just a rocker chick turned mystic, and I know that when we endeavor to heal our own lives we help others to heal in countless ways.

Geography: I’ve lived in a diversity of locations throughout my life — from rural areas of the Great Plains states, to the rock ‘n’ roll and surfer culture of Southern California, eventually landing here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I am, at heart, a West Coast girl!

Education: Although I have a bachelor’s degree in theology, my greatest gifts, insights, and knowledge were not born out of a conventional classroom. Following in the footsteps of pioneers like Ernest Holmes, Louise Hay, and even Cesar Millan, I’ve edified myself outside the borders of traditional education, foraging my own academic path — and this decision has paid off mightily for me.

Career: My career began administratively via small construction and industrial firms, which eventually landed me in the corporate world of commercial architecture. From there, the spiritual journey I took to heal myself morphed into my current work as a counselor, editor, and writer.

Healing and Book: In 2001 I was diagnosed with an “incurable” digestive condition known as Crohn’s disease. And by the grace of God I walked all the way through that imbalance naturally and holistically, without the use of prescription drugs, surgery, or conventional Western medicine. Going organic and non-GMO changed my health and my life forever, playing a major role in my transcendence of this disease. I write about this journey in my new book (title and estimated release date coming soon!).

Passions: 1) Living from my natural state of sobriety — while helping to heal the addiction, codependency, and enablement issues which plague our society.  2) The organic and non-GMO food movement — holistic healing begins with nutrition!  3) Reading, writing, editing, publishing — keeping literature alive in this new technological era.  4) Environmentalism — protecting our planet and healing the environment.  5) Technology consciousness — maintaining our connection and presence with the natural world and each other so our devices aren’t playing “god” in our lives.  6) Our children — helping them to be more spiritually, creatively, and environmentally aligned.  7) Nonviolence — “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” –Albert Einstein  8) Ufology — the truth is out there!

Closing: I enjoy my own private practice where I juggle my transpersonal counseling work, various manuscript and editorial projects, as well as the writing of my first book. I’m dedicated to helping others realize their true purpose and potential on a spiritual and creative level. I love rock ‘n’ roll, find solace in nature, and make my home in Seattle, Washington.